Nutritious PEDIGREE® Puppy Dog Food

Give your puppy the best start with PEDIGREE® Puppy Food that provides complete & balanced nutrition to meet their nutritional needs, it provides essential nourishment for a happy, healthy life. Choose PEDIGREE® Puppy Food for your growing companion!


Frequently asked questions

Puppies can eat specially formulated puppy dog food daily, providing balanced nutrition for their growth needs. It's important to choose food designed for puppies, as it contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Yes, PEDIGREE is good for puppies. It offers tailored nutrition to support their growth and development, with vital nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin A, and Calcium.

Puppies can start eating Pedigree from about 6-8 weeks old, transitioning from mother's milk to solid food. Always introduce new food gradually to ensure they adapt well.