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Adopting a rescue puppy

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If your local rescue centre takes in puppies and you’re not fussy about getting a pedigree dog, this could be an excellent option. You’ll find lots of full-grown dogs at rescue centres but they’ll sometimes have puppies too. There are lots of dogs in need of loving homes, and nowadays there are even rescue organisations that specialise in particular breeds. If you’d like to give a rescue puppy a comfortable, caring home, your new friend will repay you with trust and loyalty.

Bear in mind that the dog you see in a rescue centre will behave differently in a proper home. The readjustment process will take a lot of commitment on your part, too. You’ll need to make your new pet feel very secure. And you should find out if they need any ongoing medical care.

Our Training videos feature several rescue dogs who’ve gone on to become happy, well-behaved pets.

While adopting a rescue puppy you also need to take care of the diet and provide them the right nutrients for their complete growth. Choose the right dry food for dog & serve them.  

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