4 Reasons to Trust PEDIGREE® Dog Food

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Every pet parent has found themselves in a predicament when it comes to feeding their pooch—is homemade dog  food better and safer than packaged dog food? While homemade dog food is economical and leaves you with more control of the ingredients going into your pet’s tummy, it might not be the most nutritious option. When cooking for your dog, it is very easy to mix up the carbohydrate, protein and fat ratios. Every dog’s nutritional need varies based on its age and level of activity. Besides that, many ingredients considered healthy for humans are not as beneficial for dogs.

But what about Pedigree dog food? Can it really be trusted and considered safe?

We understand that as a pet parent, you only want what’s best for your furry baby. At Pedigree, everything we do is for the love of dogs and we are proud of our products that are backed by passion, dedication, science and expertise. That’s why we’re elaborating on why you should put your trust in Pedigree dog food…

#1 Nutritionally-balanced meal

With over 80 years of experience, we have crafted products that align with canine dietary guidelines for complete dog nutrition—be it our dry dog food, wet dog food or our dog treats. Pedigree dog food is made with the right balance of vitamins, fibre, calcium and protein thus ensuring it is nutritionally balanced as per international standards (AAFCO and NRC). We make sure to use high-quality, safe ingredients that are approved by Pet Food Regulation. To maintain safety, nutritional efficacy and palatability, we also put our products through advanced testing facilities.

#2 Supports 5 signs of good health

See the 5 signs of good health in your dog. Pedigree® encourages you to participate in the six-week challenge with your dog if you've been feeding them home-cooked meals to see the impact it can make to their health and wellbeing. If you switch your dog to Pedigree® dog food in just six weeks, you'll see these five signs of good health –

  • Healthy Immune System with antioxidants and vitamin E, which boosts defences.
  • Shinier and healthy coat with specific oils and a combination of zinc and linoleic acid (Omega 6)
  • Health, strong bones and teeth with adequate calcium levels, the ideal Ca:P ratio, and kibble construction that promotes dental health.
  • Healthy muscles that are strong and have access to high-quality, soluble protein from meat and grains
  • Healthy Digestive system which results in smaller, firmer stools because of the fibre found in vegetables and cereals.

*Based on market research conducted by Mars Petcare, Thailand. Dogs transitioned to Pedigree® from unbalanced pet food - commercial or homemade food. Fed as directed.

#3 Backed by WALTHAM™ research

The WALTHAM™ Centre for Pet Nutrition is a globally recognised, leading scientific authority in pet nutrition and has been advancing the frontiers of scientific research into nutrition and health of pets for over 75 years. We work closely WALTHAM™ to develop great quality, nutritious food that your dog will love and benefit from.

#4 Offers expert nutrition with Pro

We also offer a professional range of dog food that is backed by the science developed with nutritionists, experts and vets at the WALTHAM™ Centre. We are supported by their pet-focused research that delivers scientific breakthroughs in the areas of pet nutrition, health, well-being and behaviour.

At Pedigree, we are always aiming to set the highest standards. We are focused on preparing dog food that smells fresh and appetising to your furry baby. Not only do we use high-quality ingredients, we also make sure that all our raw materials are sourced from approved suppliers and our factories are independently inspected to the same standards as those used to produce human food. So when you put your trust in Pedigree dog food, you can be rest assured that you are setting your four-legged friend up for a long, healthy and happy life.

Take the Pedigree six-week challenge and see for yourself, the changes in your dog!

Take the 6 weeks challenge now.

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