17 Types of Husky Breed Dogs

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The world of husky breeds is fascinating. With their captivating blue eyes and fluffy coats, huskies are a breed that is as majestic as they come. Imagine their eyes glitter with joy as you run your fingers through their soft fur to pet them. Feels heartwarming, right? But did you know? There are different types of husky dogs, each with its own unique traits, personalities, and quirks. Yes. And they were specially bred to support humans in pulling carts and sleds. So, let’s explore the diverse Husky family! 

  • Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are also the original huskies. They are loved by all for their enchanting features like striking blue or multicolored eyes and a thick coat. Its wolf-like appearance and graceful stance steals all the attention. They are friendly, intelligent, and make excellent companions for people living in cold places. 

Fun fact: Though White Huskies are often mentioned separately as if they are one of the different husky breeds, they are Siberian Huskies with a predominantly white coat. They share the same characteristics, but with a majestic, snowy appearance.

  • Alaskan Malamute

This husky is one of the oldest and most powerful sled dogs. It is believed that this breed is a descendant of domesticated wolf dogs. In fact, with a dense coat and large physique, Alaskan Malamutes look no less than wolves. These dogs can grow up to 26 inches tall and weigh up to 43 kgs. If you are planning to adopt an Alaskan Malamute dog, prepare yourself to clean up its hair 365 days a year.

  • Alaskan Klee Kai

A smaller version of the Alaskan Husky, the Klee Kai is known for its mesmerizing appearance with striking facial markings. Their intelligence, energy, and loving nature make them great family pets. Though Alaskan Klee Kai dogs shed a lot, they have low grooming needs. 

  • Chinook

Developed in New Hampshire, the Chinook is a social and gentle breed. Along with a muscular build, it also has a thick coat to protect it against the harsh weather. They excel in multiple activities like sledding, hiking, agility sports, and obedience competition. Like all husky types, Chinooks too require intense exercise to keep boredom and destructive behavior at bay.

  • American Eskimo Dog

Though the name can be misleading, these dogs are not from Alaska. In fact, the American Eskimo Dog originated from Germany. They are known for their fluffy white coat that can grab all the spotlight. Along with being intelligent, these dogs are also friendly. In fact, their fun-loving nature, loyalty, and vigilance make these Eskies a perfect family dog. Moreover, this breed comes in three sizes, standard, mini, and toy that grow up to 15-20 inches, 12-15 inches, and 9-12 inches tall, respectively.

  • Samoyed

Popular for their adorably cute smiles, Samoyeds are medium-sized dogs from Siberia. These playful and loving dogs are best suited for cold areas and cannot tolerate hot climates. Since they get along well with kids, they are ideal for anyone with kids. Thanks to their high energy levels, Samoyed dogs may have a hard time adapting to apartment living.

  • Agouti Husky

Agouti is a specific coat pattern where individual hairs have bands of different colors. Agouti Huskies are blessed with the same pattern, which lends a unique and eye-catching element to their overall appearance. These playful and intelligent dogs are people lovers that thrive on attention. So, if you plan on adopting an Agouti Husky, positive reinforcement methods would be the right way to train it.

  • Alaskan Husky

Alaskan Huskies are specifically bred for their skills and qualities like speed, endurance, and efficiency. Hence, they have no breed standards. Moreover, these dogs are generally a mix of Greyhounds, German Shorthair Pointers, Siberian Huskies, and Alaskan Malamutes.

  • Labrador Husky

Labrador Huskies are athletic and strong sled dogs from Canada. This Labrador Retriever and Siberian Husky mix has a dense double coat that requires regular grooming. Thanks to their friendly and outgoing nature, Labskies are born to be family dogs. However, you must know that this dog breed has a strong prey drive, so ensure that other pets in the house are of the same size.

  • Japanese Akita Inu

Hailing from Japan, these powerful and majestic dogs are a national treasure. They have a thick double coat, a dignified stance, and an aloof nature. Their erect ears and dark, shiny eyes, and strikingly cute smile add to the Akita Inu’s overall adorable appearance.

  • American Akita

A bit larger than their Japanese counterparts, American Akitas are known for their strength, courage, and loyalty. They too have a dignified stance with a thick double coat. Moreover, this dog breed is extremely loyal and devoted to its family members. Once it sees you as the pack leader, an Akita will follow you for life.

  • Keeshond

Like Samoyeds, Keeshonds too are from the Spitz family. This husky from the Netherlands is popular for its thick, plush coat and expressive face. With its intelligence and high energy, a Keeshond too can excel in activities such as obedience competitions and agility sports.

  • Norwegian Elkhound

Originally bred for hunting, Norwegian Elkhounds are sturdy and energetic dogs. This Spitz type breed has a thick, weather-resistant coat, erect ears, and muscular thighs. As these dogs have an affectionate nature, they easily build strong bonds with their families. You can indulge in agility sports to nurture its athleticism.

  • Hug Dog

The Hug Dog is a mixed breed that combines the captivating Siberian Husky and the ever so cute Pug. These dogs inherit the Husky's playful personality and the Pug's friendly and affectionate nature, giving us a lovable and loyal companion. Since the Hug Dog is an adventurous soul, it can also be a great travel buddy to you. However, do not forget to follow all safety measures if you choose to travel with this little pooch.

  • Shepsky

A crossbreed between a Siberian Husky and a German Shepherd, Shepskies possess the intelligence, loyalty, and energy of both parent breeds. They have the fervor to do meaningful duties, which makes them ideal for police work. However, since Shepskies are loyal and gentle, they can also be excellent companions.

  • Canadian Eskimo Dog

The Canadian Eskimo Dog belongs to the working breed. With its powerful and muscular physique, this breed is built for strength and endurance. Moreover, this loyal and independent breed has predator instincts thanks to its hunting dog history.

  • Utonagan

Bred in England, Utonagans too look a lot like wolves. They are a mix of three powerful breeds – Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Alaskan Malamute! Like the parent breeds, even Utonagans have a friendly and gentle nature, making them wonderful family pets.

Though there are different types of husky dogs, each is blessed with its own uniqueness and beauty, making them a pawsome choice for dog lovers. Whether you're looking for a working companion or a loving family pet, there's a Husky out there to match your preferences and lifestyle.

Looking for more information on different dog breeds? Head to our breeds category page and get important details about each breed.

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Frequently asked questions on types of huskies

A true white husky – with not even a hint of any other color – is the rarest type of husky.

Utonagan, Alaskan Malamute, and Japanese Akita Inu are some of the biggest husky breeds

Since all huskies have unique and captivating features, they are beautiful in their own ways. Moreover, beauty is more of a subjective matter; hence, it would be best for you to read up on different kinds of huskies and find out for yourself.

Since Siberian Huskies have robust teeth and a large head, their bite force can be beyond our imagination. This means that this dog might take down any animal. Hence, the Siberian Husky is considered to be one of the strongest huskies.